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You know it’s time to take your wellness business to the next level

You’re not a newcomer to business ownership anymore.

You’ve bootstrapped your way from nothing to where you are now. You’ve learned so much along the way, helped a lot of people, and you’re damn proud of what you’ve achieved (if not, you should be!)

But… you have a dream for your business that you’re just not reaching right now.

You want to help more people, make more of an impact, and live the lifestyle you always imagined for yourself. And you know, deep down, that your design and branding just aren’t moving you towards that dream…

The problem is, you have no idea who to ask for help.

Welcome, kindred spirit!

I’m Gina, and I specialise in helping heart-fuelled business owners like you take their branding and design to the next level. A level that not only reflects the business dream you’re growing into, but also clearly conveys the amazing results that you create in people’s lives.

Don’t keep struggling with your branding and design alone:

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Meet the Designer

Gina has a great way of understanding yoga and a culture of ideas around the spiritual and physical arts, therefore interpreting them in her own unique and thought provoking way.
She is delightful to work with and very generous with her time and energy. She is a lady of her word and always meets a deadline when she promises.

Since working with Gina our professional profile has been raised up to a whole new level.
This has made us a more significant player in the already over saturated yoga market

My advice to you is to hesitate no longer – the benefits are so rewarding! Gina listens to what you have to say and isn’t afraid of a good old fashioned phone call to really get down to business.

Mathew Bergan

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